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Through God’s love and lessons, we care, share and grow together.


Curriculum Intent

At St Mabyn Primary School we place a great emphasis on the entitlement of all children to access a broad range of learning experiences in a safe and nurturing environment where all subjects are valued. Underpinning our curriculum are the Christian values of Peace, Justice, Trust, Friendship, Love and Fellowship. Our aim is to provide a bold and courageous curriculum that equips our children to live life today and for tomorrow rooted in Christian love.

The drivers for our curriculum are  ‘CAN’-

Develop a Caring heart- Children will find out who they are, their place within the world and how they fit in and can aspire to make a difference.
Develop an Active mind and body- Children will have the wisdom to use their knowledge and skills to be the best learners now and for their future.
Develop a Nurturing character- Children will stand up for themselves and others; respect each other, be prepared for personal challenge and successfully collaborate.
The Celtic Cross