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School Council

Meet our new School Council
Following a vote at the first meeting, I am pleased to confirm the following roles have been voted for and agreed by the School Council. Congratulations.

Arthur has been elected as our Chairperson 

Eastern is the Secretary

Sophie is the Treasurer
School Council Prayer

Dear God, Please give us the strength to make fair decisions to help St Mabyn school learn, grow and flourish together. Amen

Our school council members have been busy thinking of new ways to make our school greener, and to make it even better than it already is. You can see the minutes of our last meeting below. Our chosen charity for this year is Shelterbox - watch this space for fundraising ideas!
We are really looking forward to our Christmas decorations and film day, which we are busy organising.

St Mabyn School Council 2021-2022

1 John 3:18

"My little children, let us not love in word or tongue, but in deed and in truth"
Our Purpose:

The school council is the voice of the pupils.

We aim to make our school a better place by

Being fair and honest in thoughts and actions
Listening to everyone; pupils and adults.
Reporting back to the school council the views of the pupils.
Ensure our school values are central: Love, Peace, Trust, Fellowship, Friendship and Justice.

Any pupil in St Mabyn School can put themselves forward to be elected as a School councillor. Elections take place once a year in September. Candidates are given time to prepare a manifesto which is read out to their class by the class teacher. The Class vote for the best manifesto.

The school council then vote for a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

School Council Roles

Arthur is our Chairperson - he runs the meetings, organises votes and decides who has got to do something, when it’s got to be done by and how everyone will know that it has been done.

Eastern is our Secretary - he takes care of all the minutes including the decisions that are made and the important issues that are discussed; and makes sure that copies of the minutes are put on the School Council noticeboard, sent to the Headteacher, and put on the school website and in the school council folder.

Sophie is our Treasurer - she takes care of our money, keeping a log of how much money is spent and raised and liaises with the PTA.

All other councillors contribute to the meetings and report back to their classes.

School Council Code of Conduct

All Councillors are expected be courageous advocates for all children in St Mabyn and around the Globe. In St Mabyn the School Council will:

  • Take care of each other,
  • Put our hands up if we want to contribute and vote,
  • Don't shout out,
  • Listen carefully to others,
  • Give our classes updates,
  • Wear our School Council badges with pride,
  • Always attend the meetings,
  • Do not leave anyone out,
  • Have polite disagreement BUT not become personal,
  • Be honest and truthful,
  • Liaise with teachers, the Head of School and the SMC

A school councillor can resign from their post by speaking to or writing to the Head of the School. If a Councillor is not acting according to the code of conduct they will be given a verbal warning, followed by a written warning and then finally asked to leave if conduct hasn't improved.

Decisions of the school council

A minimum of 5 councillors must be in attendance and voting at a meeting for any decision to be valid. Either the link teacher or other adult must also be in attendance. If a vote leads to a tie, the Chairperson will have the deciding vote. Link teachers or other adults may not vote in school council decisions. All members of the school will be informed of the decisions the school council has taken.

November 2021