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Mrs Redford-James is our Reading Lead and Mrs Marsh is our RWInc Lead
We love reading at St Mabyn! 

Accelerated Reader

At St Mabyn, we use Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading. Every child is given a book within their reading level and reads at their own pace. When they have finished the book, children are invited to take a short online quiz, to check that their understanding of the book. The scheme is designed to engage and motivate children to read as they build up points and earn rewards. Children’s reading levels are regularly reviewed to ensure that children continued to be challenged and engaged.

Please encourage your child to read every day and talk about the books they are reading. Children should read books that they are interested in and motivate them! To check which books are covered by AR go to

Reading Curriculum
At St Mabyn school, through God’s love we learn, grow and flourish together.

St Mabyn Church of England Primary School

Our school is one part of a family of well-connected schools. It is a small, nurturing school packed full of love: love for one another; love for learning; love for our neighbours and community and love for God. It comfortably sits in the heart of a picturesque, small rural village being over looked by St Mabyn Church. In our school, adults and children collaborate to create a safe learning environment where everyone can flourish and achieve greatness, becoming curious imaginative life-long learners. St Mabyn School is the gateway through which the future possibility of the adult emerges.

1 John 3:18

"My little children, let us not love in word or tongue, but in deed and in truth,"


At St Mabyn Primary School, we value reading as a key life skill, we recognise that reading and writing skills underpin all areas of our school curriculum and are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become life-long readers.

Statement of Intent

Our Reading curriculum is shaped by our school vision, values and curriculum drivers CAN:-

Develop a Caring heart- Children will find out who they are, their place within the world and how they fit in.

Develop an Active mind and body- Children will have the wisdom to use their knowledge and skills to be the best learners now and for their future.

Develop a Nurturing character- Children will stand up for themselves and others; respect each other, be prepared for personal challenge and successfully collaborate.

We, at St Mabyn, intend to make reading a priority for every child and adult. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to be fluent, confident readers who are able to understand a wide range of texts. By the end of Year 6, all children should be able to read fluently, with confidence in a range of subjects. We understand the importance of the role of parents/carers in supporting their children with reading, and we want a home-school relationship which enables parents/carers to understand how to help children further progress their reading skills through using high quality texts. We want pupils to gain a good knowledge of a variety of authors, and understand more about their lives through texts. Above all, we want pupils to develop a love for reading both in and out of school.

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” – Neil Gaiman


RWI Phonics

We follow the Read Write Inc. scheme to teach reading and phonics, which we supplement with additional reading materials. Our teachers and teaching assistants deliver a rigorous and consistent approach that ensures each book is matched to the correct phonics level. In EYFS and KS1 (Class 1), pupils have a daily Read Write Inc. Session, as well as daily reading with an adult. Children from Key Stage 2 that have not completed the Read Write Inc Programme participate in RWI sessions, and are assessed regularly to ensure phonics is pitched at the correct level.

Love Reading

At St Mabyn, we promote a love for reading through daily story time, investigating stories through the use of drama, outdoor learning and ICT. Our children enjoy taking part in our ‘Reading in exciting places’ challenges, which also encourages engagement in reading outside of school.

We have also developed a ‘must read’ reading spine. We have chosen to base our Reading Spine on “The 5 Plagues of the Developing Reader” from Doug Lemov’s ‘Reading Reconsidered’ to ensure pupils have exposure to a wide range of texts.

Guided Reading
On completion of the Read Write Inc programme, daily guided reading sessions take place in KS2, using a whole class VIPERS approach. These sessions focus on – comprehension within a range of high-quality texts (VIPERS activities), spelling within texts (and No Nonsense spelling programme), Free Reading to promote a love for reading and reading with as a class/in a pair to ensure fluency and understanding. This helps us to adapt and break barriers to learning to enable pupils to become life-long learners.

EYFS & Keys Stage 1

Alongside our Read Write Inc scheme, children work through our levelled books. In Class 1, children are exposed to a range of books from a variety of reading schemes to ensure they are accessing a wide vocabulary and different styles of books from an early age. All of these books are checked against the child’s phonics levels, the books that they take home and the book they read in school, to ensure consistency. We expect family at home to read these books with their child daily and to make comments in the child’s reading record.


We carefully check to assess pupils’ reading levels when they enter the school. Being a small school, where reading is a priority for all, we are able to quickly notice if individual pupils fall behind in reading throughout the school; for these children, we put in place carefully planned interventions with teachers and support staff to enable them to catch up. By doing this, we hope to remove barriers to learning to help our pupils to make further progress.


We use Pupil Asset Point in Time assessment and work towards end of KS1 and KS2 end of year assessments using interim frameworks and national tests. Staff are supported to be able to use the correct Assessment Focus questioning for each band level to ensure good opportunity for comprehension of texts. Read Write Inc and NFER assessments as well as formative daily assessment guide our judgements to ensure further progress for all pupils.


At St Mabyn, we have 3 mixed age classes – EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2, Year 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6. Our teachers are supported with planning to ensure coverage of all national curriculum elements within the age groups in their classes. To enable this, teaching of reading is delivered in ability groups within both phonics and guided reading. This allows us to adapt and remove barriers so that all children can access learning and achieve.

Book Suggestions

The following websites are free and are great place to start a new reading adventure: – This website has book lists by year group and topics. – Book Trust is the UKs largest reading charity. The website offers guidance on how best to support reading. In addition, the site has excellent reading lists and will review new fiction and non-fiction each month. – Here you will find booklists alongside author Q&A sessions, competitions and new reviews. They also have a section on books that support children’s mental health and well-being.

These are in addition to our reading spine that can be found at the bottom of the page.


See below for our latest reading news and events!
National Poetry Day is Thursday 7th October 2021!
Happy National Poetry Day!

At school, we'll be celebrating poets, sharing a range of poems, and enjoying some performance poetry!

Get involved at home! Read a poem (read or listen here -, write a poem or share a poem with family or friends!

#nationalpoetryday #welovepoetry

St Mabyn School's Speech and Language Festival!
Welcome to St Mabyn School's Speech and Language Festival! (In place of the fantastic Wadebridge Festival of Music and Speech which didn't take place this year due to obvious reasons!)  Our brilliant children recited t poems and the entries have been scored by an external panel of judges - head over to ClassDojo to see the certificate winners! A massive well done to everyone who participated!

The Masked Reader!
This year, we held a virtual World Book Day! See the videos  from our amazing week of guessing who was the behind the masks in the reading curriculum area.

Poem of the Day!

Class 2 have been participating in the 'Poem a Day' Project. Every week, we vote for our favourite poem! Here are some of the results