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Meet the School Monitoring Councillors

Celtic Cross Education is committed to maintaining the unique nature of all of the schools within the Trust and believes this is best achieved by giving a clear mandate to Local School Monitoring councils (SMC) to be the drivers of school improvement. The Trust gives these Local Councils the freedoms to focus on the challenge and support for the improvements in teaching and learning and the curriculum by ensuring the synergies of belonging to a MAT allow statutory obligations to be dealt with centrally. This, coupled with the defined role of the senior leaders within the school's setting enables Heads of School to deal exclusively with the day-to-day management of the individual schools; the burden of Finances, Resources and Personnel issues are dealt with by the Principal and the Central Administrative Team. This freedom gives the leader in the school the maximum time and resources to effectively engage with all stakeholders and manage the schools effectively on a day-to-day basis. This partnership with SMCS, Heads of School and staff alongside a robust Trust school improvement strategy provides the best for every child in the Trust.

Welcome to the School Monitoring Council section

The School Monitoring Council at our school is made up of a number of councillors representing St Mabyn School and also St Tudy School. We have a 'joint' School Monitoring Council.

The councillors all have specific roles, with some attending Academy meetings at the Central office in Roche.

Our Chair of the School Monitoring Council is Mrs Rebecca Shute and responsible for Safeguarding, Pupil Premium provision and health and safety.

Mrs Carole Grigg is a Foundation councillor and monitors RE and Collective worship.

Miss Jennie Franklin (Head of School - St Tudy) and Mrs Brigid Howells (Head of School - St Mabyn) are our two staff councillors

Clare Bray is a parent councillor and monitors maths and SEND

Richard Dixon is a Foundation councillor
Revd. Robin Thwaites is a Foundation councillor

Mr Stuart Renshaw (CEO) also attends all governor meetings.

We currently have vacancies for School Monitoring Councillors

Our Clerk is Toni Kinnaird

How to contact a councillor

Often the best councillor to contact if you have a question, a concern or a complaint, in the first instance is the parent councillor as they are usually around at the start or the end of the day in both schools. They can suggest who may be best to talk to – it may be the Head of School (if it is a curriculum query or concern for example) –the chair of governors (if it is a complaint) or the CEO (if it is a concern about safeguarding).

The chair of the SMC can be contacted via each school – letters can always be given to her directly. She also has a dedicated chair of the SMC email address which can be obtained from the school office.

Councillors also attend our termly services and special events and so are always happy to answer questions or to help if it is needed.

If you need to speak to a specific councillor, then please always ask the school as contact can always be made.