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Religious Education

Labyrinth Experience


Children from St Mabyn C of E School were among over 250 people who enjoyed a labyrinth adventure at St Mabyn Church during a labyrinth week organised by members of the church.

Easter Experience


We worked together with the church to explore the Easter story through the events of Holy Week. Class 3 set up five stations to be visited in turn with members of the church community to lead each station. 

Exploration was through an initial question based on the children’s own experiences for each stage of the story, followed by reflection.

One Y6 comment was that it was ‘very interesting with different ways of telling the Easter story’ while another commented that ‘doing the activities helped understand and remember the story.’ Each class had the opportunity to spend time in the church. Thank you to the members of the community who so kindly gave up their time to help with this project.


Cathedral Outreach Experience

The Celtic Cross