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Modern Foreign Languages Statement of Intent


At St Mabyn School, we encourage our pupils to develop a love for languages with the incorporation of teaching Spanish and intercultural understanding, in order to allow our children to have a deepened ability to show respect, and to celebrate and welcome differences in our world.



In KS2 at St Mabyn, building from our learning in 2018-2019, we have designed and are currently delivering the following Spanish Curriculum for 2019-2020 - 


Class 2 Coverage 2019-2020


Autumn Term

To learn the key phonics vowel words

To learn basic greetings and giving your name

To understand and recall orally the numbers 1-10

To ask how old someone is and give own age

To know the remaining key phonics sounds words

To practise and embed the phonics knowledge
To use the question '¿Tienes? (Do you have?) in a game

To learn the nouns for items in a pencil case

To embed the pencil case nouns
 To ask 'Do you have a..?' and respond

To ask 'What do you have in your pencil case?' and respond

To practise the sound-writing relationship

To learn some key facts about Christmas in Spain

To learn a Spanish Christmas song

Spring Term

To learn some key classroom language

To learn 9 new nouns - animals - (with the indefinite article)

To learn how to make nouns plural in Spanish

To learn how to say 'a' and 'some'

To learn the adjectives of colour

To listen and read along

To describe animals with colours

To join in with a song

To develop the ability to listen attentively to passages with a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar language

Summer Term

To learn nouns for different fruit

To learn the names of the days of the week

To learn food nouns from the Hungry Caterpillar story

To consolidate the new language from lessons 1,2,3

To listen to and understand a Spanish story

To develop confidence and memory by retelling the HC story

To use knowledge of colours to create a butterfly

To learn some words for snacks

To ask 'What do you want?' and respond 'I want'

To ask / answer from memory

To write individual words from memory


Class 3 Coverage 2019- 2020


Autumn Term

To remember key language of the classroom and basic greetings

To revise numbers 1-10 and days of the week

To learn numbers 11 - 31

To consolidate numbers 1-31
To learn the months of the year

To ask and answer 'What date is it today?'

To learn the names of the seasons
To join in with a Spanish song

To learn how to ask for and say your birthday
To sing Happy Birthday in Spanish

To listen to, watch and follow a video clip with unfamiliar vocabulary

To learn some typical exclamations in Spanish

To use language of days, dates, and celebrations to make a birthday party invitation

To learn about a typical celebratory custom from Mexico

To learn new Christmas vocabulary

To learn about the key Christmas dates for Spanish people

Spring Term

To learn the words for key shapes

To combine colour and other adjectives with shapes

To learn how to describe where things are in a picture

To use the language to describe pictures

To create own picture and description

To learn the nouns for parts of the face

To combine adjectives and nouns to describe faces

To use the language to describe faces

To learn the nouns for parts of the body

To design and describe a monster picture

Summer Term

To learn nouns for family members

To learn the alphabet

To use the alphabet to spell names

To ask and answer 'Do you have?' 'What is s/he called?' and 'How do you spell that?'

To learn adjectives for describing hair & eyes

To use language for describing hair & eyes

To use language to describe his/her hair and eyes

To listen and follow the story of the Giant Turnip

To re-tell the story with actions

To use the language from this term to describe an invented or famous family


If you would like to help further Spanish learning at home, some useful websites include - 


Websites - 


BBC Schools Primary Language Website - vocabulary and games - 

Primary Games Arena - games -

Rockalingua - songs -


Apps - 




If you have any questions or queries about our Modern Foreign Languages provision, please come and speak to Mrs Redford-James in Class 1 or email



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