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'One moment, one people' lyric video - Sing Up Day 2019

Join singers around the world on 13 March for Sing Up Day. More info: This year we want to spread a positive message about t...

Morning Everyone

First day of home school and the sun is shining.

Job number 1 create a quiet working space with everything  you need.

Create a timetable for the day with a maximum 2-3 hours of learning with breaks like singing, drawing, puzzles, board games, cooking and exercise.


Look at for ideas for a daily routine and learning packs


Sumdog maths, reading and spelling.  this site is really good

Be active with

Week 3 of Lent calendar go for a walk and look for signs of Spring approaching- go out at night and look at the stars, can you make a vegetable soup for lunch and share the recipe using Class dojo or send a picture of your soup.

22 Mothering Sunday                

Give thanks for seasonal celebrations as we remember our Mothers today.

Prayer for the week: Heavenly Father, help us to know your loving presence with us through every day and night, and in every season of our lives, Amen

23 Monday

Make time this evening or the next clear night to gaze at the night sky.

The Stars! Do they take your breath away?


Just a glimpse of our immeasurable creator!

24 Tuesday


With over half of Lent gone, and spring approaching, consider turning down your central heating today.

25 Wednesday

God declares day and night to be good. Dark skies are important to so many animals.


Do you have any outside lights that can be switched off or not in use all of the time?

26 Thursday

What signs of spring do you see today- think of things that you enjoy about every season and festivals of the year.


 Thank God for them

27 Friday

Look out a recipe for Spring vegetable soup or make something with seasonal produce.

Rhubarb, asparagus, spring greens?

28 Saturday

Jesus taught his followers to pray every day.

When you wake up ask God to bless your day, and thank God before you go to sleep.




At the end of everyday write 3 things that you are pleased about.


Warning don't read this book before eating a meal
Read this gross book and tell me your favourite- hopefully you can open this book I'm learning how to use class dojo too
Can you design and draw a creature with a gross characteristic?
Can you make a word search with the words in the gloasary?

The Celtic Cross