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Welcome to Class 3

Welcome to Class 3 at St. Mabyn  Church of England Primary School where through God's love: we learn, grow and flourish together.  The adults who support the children's learning are Mrs Howells, Mrs Borrott, Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Beagle.

Within the classroom, we will all model and  build the characteristics of good learners through developing good learning habits and through an  ethos of growth mindset and the power of  'not yet'. Our exciting topic for Autumn 2 is 'Where's the Mummy?' We will locate Egypt in the world; explore the importance of the River Nile; find out about the Ancient civilisation learning about lifestyle, Gods and Goddesses, the process of mummification and learn about Egyptian inventions. We would like to have an open afternoon and transform the classroom into an Egyptian museum.

Reading will be linked to cross curricular work where possible which will support our work in writing.


In Maths,  our topic  continue to be multiplication and division with a focus on factors, common multiples, prime numbers, squared and cubed numbers and then moving on to fractions and calculating with fractions. Times tables knowledge is so important for this area. We have had great success with Sumdog; the children really enjoying the challenges. Exciting news: a national competition is coming up soon- more information to follow.  We'll explore Egyptian maths of multiplication and measures.


In RE, we will be answering the big question- Was Jesus the Messiah? Using the  Understanding Christianity unit- what qualities and characters make a good leader and did Jesus have them? This half term's value is Peace which is linked to the story of The Nativity. We will also be thinking  about Remembrance and how we can support the charity of Children in Need. 


In Science, children will learn about what's inside bodies- looking at the relationship between bones and muscles leading on to exploring the organs and with a particular focus on the heart and circulation. This links to mummification and canopic jars and the weighing of the heart ceremony. We will be looking at real pig's hearts and trying to locate the coronary artery, This will also link to our alcohol and drugs awareness work.


Mrs Bridle will continue her  10 weeks of recorder tuition and we will also be involved in a singing project called Climate vision.


Please set time aside each day to share reading books with your child, asking them questions and record reading in Reading record books. Times tables will be essential to your child not just in their primary learning but in Secondary education and beyond, as such - time spent learning these is never wasted time!


Home learning will be set weekly and will be a combination of Maths and Literacy plus one piece of Topic work per half term.


If you need any further assistance about the way we work in the classroom please speak to either Mrs Borrott or Mrs Howells.






Recorder support sheets

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Class 3 Tudor Portraits

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