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Welcome to Class 1 (Oak Class)


This Autumn half term, our topic is 'The Circus'. In Literacy, we will be learning about the circus and the history, we will be watching the film ‘Dumbo’!  As well as writing about Dumbo we will also be creating fact files and looking at poetry. 


In Maths this term, we are focusing on place value, addition, subtraction,  using White Rose.  We will also be taking part in the mastery of maths programme.


In our afternoon sessions, we will be continuing with our topic and creating puppets and practise some basic circus acts.  For Science we will be learning about materials (wood, plastic, metal) and their properties.  


In ICT, we are learning all about internet safety using Purple Mash, and learning how to use the computer correctly.


Every Wednesday afternoon, we will be doing outdoor learning so please ensure the children wear appropriate clothing and have suitable footwear.


Thank you for your continued support with the children's learning at home - please keep up reading every day and record reading daily. 

There is opportunity for your child to write a book review in their reading record when they have completed a book (Before or after they have completed their AR Book Quiz in school). When your child reads in school, it will be recorded in a reading folder in the classroom, the reading record will still be checked daily, so please continue to use it for communication about reading.

On the back cover of the reading record, you will find your child's Sumdog login. We would like Sumdog practice to be completed for at least 30 minutes a week. 


Class Dojo


Class Dojo will be used for home-school communication alongside email. You will be able to view the class story where reminder messages and class information will be posted. 

Your child will be able to login using their individual QR code that has been sent home or use the "home login instructions" that have been sent to each parent via ClassDojo.

If you would like to come and have a talk to me about what is happening in class, please email me - or contact me via ClassDojo.
Thank you for your support,

Michelle Marsh



Autumn 2021 medium term planning

Not many weeks now to the end of the summer term, but we are still working extremely hard.


In literacy, the children have now finished the final draft of their stories, a huge improvement, some amazing stories with structure and showing lots of imagination and writing skills, well done everyone!


In maths, year 1 are working on place value and using lots of practical maths to help them, year 2 have completed their work on position and have moved on to telling the time.


In science, we have been looking at plants and learning the different names for their parts, learning the names of trees in the garden, the green and surrounding the bottom playground, our plants in the polytunnel have grown a huge amount and the children are really interested to see the changes in them.


We are planning our Carnival day for Friday 16th July and the children are planning and beginning to make their masks and head dresses, so exciting!


We had our Sports day last week and all the children took part, scoring points for their house, Endelienta were victorious this year picking up the cup for most points scored on the day, well done Endelienta!


On Tuesday we had 2 students come in to do some outdoor learning with the children, which they loved.  In the morning we had a scavenger hunt, built bug hotels and whittling, in the afternoon they made a fire and made hot chocolate and had melting marshmallows...mmm!  In September we will be having hot chocolate and marshmallows every week around the campfire, something to look forward to.



At last, some beautiful sunny weather and the children have been able to get outside on the Green for play and some outdoor learning!  The children have been talking about the different seasons and how the trees and garden are looking now compared to earlier in the term, lots of changes were noticed and discussed.


In Literacy, the children have been given the task of writing a story, the first draft has gone quite well but needs work and so they will read and edit them, an important skill to learn.


In Maths, year 1 are working on division and multiplication and year 2 have finished fractions and moved on to measurement (cm/m).


For R.E., the children are learning the story of Jonah and the Whale, I hope they will tell you all about it at home.


Reception had a lovely time one morning this week when we had the chance to get the bikes out in the top playground, hopefully we can do this a bit more often as they really enjoyed it.






After a lovely break we are back for the last half term of this school year, how time flies!


For topic, the children are looking back at their walk around the village and are now making a poster, highlighting all the best things about the village, we are looking forward to seeing the end results.


In maths, reception and year 1 are looking at sharing and grouping, multiplication and division, year 2 are working on fractions.


For science, the children have been out looking at the trees in the green, playground and sensory garden.  They have been learning about deciduous and evergreen trees and identifying trees by looking at their leaves.



In literacy, the children have all had a try at asking questions using the 5 'w's and how, some interesting questions were being asked!


For outdoor learning, the children are continuing improve their whittling skills, they are really enjoying this.

This week in Literacy we have started writing our own version of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' using a story map (see picture below), it would be lovely if you could practise the story with your children at home, they are so enthusiastic in the classroom, we are sure you will enjoy it too.




In Maths, Yr 1 are moving on to mass and using scales in class to experiment with several different objects.  Yr 2 are looking at symmetry and continuing their work on 2d and 3d shapes.


In Science, we are now keeping plant diaries to show how the plants change from week to week, the children are so excited to see their seeds beginning to show their first leaves.



Last Friday, all of Class One were delighted to have a whole day of P.E. with Kernow Sports.  The staff were amazing with the children and gave them lots of exercise and fun, in the afternoon they brought in Nerf guns and targets, as you can imagine, the children absolutely loved that!  



Another busy week for Class 1 and the children are really enjoying themselves.


In Literacy, we are continuing to work on 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch', which the children love.  They will be writing their own version soon using a story map.


In Maths, Year 1 have moved on to Weight and Mass and Year 2 are revisiting Shape, looking at 2d and 3d shapes.


In Science, we are planting up our seeds, this year we are growing peas and we are also growing cress using cotton wool, we are hoping to make cress sandwiches later in the term if we have a good crop.  We found out the best places to grow daisies on the Green by using cut-outs of our feet and counting how many daisies we could find, the children had lots of fun doing this.


In Forest school the children are going to be taught about whittling knives and how to use them.  They will be shown how to whittle and how to use knives safely.



The first week has flown by and the children have been so busy learning and playing, getting used to being together  and they have really enjoyed themselves.


In Literacy we are reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch', which the children love.  They will be writing their own versions, learning how to use speech marks for dialogue.


In Maths, Year 2 are continuing working on statistics, moving on to Pictograms.  Year 1 continue to work on Measurements, length/width/height and they are starting to learn how to use a ruler.


In R.E. we are starting to learn about the Creation Story.


For our topic work we are looking at the Environment.  In particular, keeping the village and beaches clean.  A lot has been on social media about dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs and leaving dog poo bags around the school and other parts of the village and we have been talking to the children about this and what they think about it.


In Science we have been planting seeds, but we would love some more different kinds so if anybody has any they would like to donate we would be most grateful.





Welcome to the Summer term!


Here we are at the start of the Summer term and looking forward to lots of sunny days, learning and playing on the Green.


We are learning all about the Seaside this term and we will be asking the children what they would like to learn about, trying to answer all their questions and get them thinking about their local beaches.  Using their senses, what do see, smell, hear and so on when they go to the Seaside.  We will also be talking about safety at the Seaside.


Our Science topic for this term is Plants.  We will be planting seeds, investigating what seeds/plants need to grow and looking after our seeds as they grow.  We have already done some amazing art work on leaves.


In Maths, Year 2 have started learning about Statistics, making tally charts and using the information to make bar graphs, they have really enjoyed collecting information for their tally charts.  Year 1 are working on measurement, length/height. They enjoyed getting into a shortest to tallest line in class.


Outdoor learning continues with the children really looking forward to their time outside.  The timetable for outdoor learning is;  Nursery/Preschool - Monday morning

                    Reception - Tuesday morning

                    Year 1 - Wednesday morning

                    Year 2 - Thursday morning

                    Friday afternoon for everyone

For mornings when children are doing outdoor learning could they come to school in their outdoor clothes, for Fridays could they all come to school in uniform and bring their outdoor clothes to change into for the afternoon, thank you..smiley




Summer term , medium term planning

On Monday afternoon the children performed their Nativity play.  A different experience for them this year as we couldn't have an audience, however, they did a brilliant job and the recording will be available as soon as possible for parents to see...we are sure you will enjoy it!  


We have Christmas lunch tomorrow and our Christingle service via zoom on Friday, so lots to look forward to.


We finish at our normal times on Friday.


We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Two weeks to go before we break for Christmas and what a busy time we are having.  Rehearsals for the Nativity are well under way and the children have been working really hard learning their words and carols.


Between rehearsals and some lessons the children are also busy making decorations, cards etc., their faces when they are concentrating so hard are delightful and we hope you enjoy the end results.

Years one and two have been continuing to work on fact families with addition and number bonds to 10 and 100 and related facts.


They have been writing their letters to Father Christmas, concentrating on letter formation and finger spaces.  They had really thoughtful faces when they were deciding what to ask was great fun watching their concentration.


In forest school we collected sticks and leaves and put them together to make a big tree.  There was lots of discussion and the result was excellent.  The children were very proud of their achievement.


All the children have been given their part for the Nativity performance for this year, sadly this will take place without an audience but we will video it and make it available for parents to watch online, details later.

Our science topic is Seasons, so this week we have been looking at the different types of clothes we wear for the different seasons and why.  We talked about how the environment changes and we noticed them in our outdoor learning.  The shelters we built will help the wild animals to keep warm and safe during the winter months.  Reception children made some natural art this week called 'God's Eye', we put sticks together and wound wool around them leaving a hole in the middle.


In R.E. we learnt about the 'Lost Son', the children enjoyed this story and retold it using pictures and captions.


In literacy, we have continued working on the 'Scarecrow Wedding', making the next part of our own books.


In maths, we are continuing with our work on part/part/whole and addition, fact families and number bonds.

Another busy week!...In literacy, we have been focussing on the 'Scarecrow Wedding' story. The children have made their own wedding invitations and the older children have been learning and talking about the 5w's.  The 5w's are; where, when, who, what and why, the other important word for asking a question is of course, how.  Learning how to ask questions has been really enjoyable!  smiley


We are talking about how the year is made up of 12 months and 4 seasons.  We are looking at what happens in all the different seasons and the months that each season covers.  We learnt that this season is autumn and the next season is winter, we like winter because that's when Christmas happens..


In forest school we have been making shelters for wild animals.  The children recognised that wild animals sometimes like a bit of help to make a home for the winter.


In maths, years one and two have been learning more about part/part/whole and fact families, number bonds to 20 and addition.

In maths year 1 have been introduced to part/part/whole, they have been practising using counters and base ten and are becoming really confident.  Year 2 are learning about Fact families and are enjoying the challenge.


In literacy, as well as writing an account of a soldier's life, we are going to be writing acrostic poems.


On Friday we are inviting children to come in wearing any spotty clothes they have, they can bring a £1 in and this will go to the Children In Need charity.. thank you.

This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day.  We watched a video about life in the trenches and found out the story of one soldier called 'Harry', the children were really interested and asked lots of questions about how soldiers lived during their time abroad fighting in World War I.  We have made our poppies and placed them outside the Church for everyone to see.

Welcome back after a wet and windy half term....hopefully you managed to get outside for some play time.


This half term's value is Peace which links to the Christmas story.


Our topic is Celebrations and we will be looking at and learning about Poppy Day, Guy Fawkes night, Advent and Christmas.


In maths we will be learning about subtraction and addition so if you would like to practise at home with your children please do!


For science we will be finishing off the topic of humans/animals and moving on to our new topic of seasons and changes.


This week we are having an art/dt week, making poppies ready for next week and fireworks/fire pictures...great fun










medium term plan

Outdoor learning


Class 1 have been learning all about Autumn during their outdoor learning sessions. In the first week, Class 1 went on a hunt for a hidden letter from Hattie the Hedgehog who instructed the children to make her a luxury hedgehog hotel for Hattie to hibernate in over winter. Next, the children modelled clay to make mini hedgehogs, the children used sticks and bark to make the spikes that a hedgehog would have. In week three, Class 1 built their own paint brushes out of sticks, leaves and pine needles. Then they collected different coloured items from the outdoors to crush down to make paint! The children used their handmade paint brushes and paints to create a lovely picture of something autumnal. Next the children collected leaves to collage a beautiful leaf owl. In the final week we read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and painted a picture of the witch and collaged leaves to represent this time of year.

Week beginning 19/10/20


We have been learning about fire safety this week and had lots of fun toasting marshmallows..yum!  


In science we have been tasting things, smelling things, touching things, looking at things and listening to things.  We know all about our senses...the lemons tasted very sour!


We watched a video about how to keep safe during Covid, it was called, 'Stay at home heroes'.  We were all heroes during lockdown and kept each other safe.  After that we started writing thank you letters to the NHS.  We wrote them in our books first then we edited them ready to send off to the hospital, hopefully we will receive a response.


The project for next half term is Celebrations.


Please continue to wear outdoor clothes to school fon Monday and Thursday.


P.E. kits for Wednesdays please



Outdoor Learning 15/10/20

Today, in wild tribe today we collected some leaves and stuck them to cardboard which we cut into an owl shape. We layered the leaves to make it look like feathers. Then we used bright coloured paints to add the details.

Outdoor learning with Miss Parkes

Week beginning 12/10/20

We have been learning about Mary Seacole this week.  The children have watched videos and talked about who Mary Seacole was and what was special about her.  They have learnt about what she did in the Crimean War and how she overcame racial prejudice to become an important and much needed nurse, helping all the wounded soldiers, including the enemy.


Year 1 and 2 are finishing their maths topic for the last few weeks, place value, and are moving on to their new subject, geometry & shape very soon.  Well done!


We are starting to learn about the 4 countries in the U.K.  We will have lessons about each country for the next few weeks.


Despite the poor weather we have continued our outdoor learning, the children love going out in any kind of  weather!


We have started using our 4B's in class to promote independence and would encourage you to do this with your children at home.  


We are having a PJ day on Friday 23rd October - children can come to school in the PJ's, bring in the favourite books and have a chilled, comfy day reading and sharing their ideas about what they like reading with the other children.  We are asking for a £1 donation, this money will go to the PTA...many thanks.

Week beginning 5/10/20

This week we have been learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, we have been reading and listening to the story of  'Owl Babies', and retelling on our own story maps.  We have been talking about birds migrating, which birds come to Cornwall in the summer and leave for the winter and which birds come to Cornwall for the winter and leave in the spring.


In Maths we have been learning about more than, greater than and equal to, the children are finding this quite challenging and it would be really helpful if they could practise at home.  

< = less than    > = more than   = equal to              e.g. 2<5   9>7  8=8


Please remember the children need their wellies and outside clothes on Monday and Thursday.  This Thursday during Wild Tribe, Miss Parkes will be making paint with the children using outside resources.

Outdoor learning


During outdoor learning this morning, we moulded hedgehogs out of clay. Then, we collected sticks and stuck them on its back to make it look like it had spikes. Then we stuck buttons on its face so that it had eyes and a nose.

Some of our learning from the past few weeks.

What a busy time we have had in the last week!  We have been learning that animals belong in different groups and have been sorting them into birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, Year 2 remembered a huge amount from last year and were eager to recap and learn even more.


Reception children have been enjoying  learning their numbers up to 10, using lots of different practical methods, both inside and outside when the weather permitted.


In Maths Year 1 have been concentrating on sorting and counting objects, counting forwards and backwards and are now starting to compare objects.  Year 2 have been looking at numbers up to 50, counting in 10s and 1s and comparing objects up to 100.


Our topic for Literacy this term is 'Heroes', and we are starting to think and talk about what a hero is and what a hero does..very interesting!


We are making the most of the weather and doing as much learning outside as possible, however, the children enjoy getting dressed up in their wellies and wet weather clothes and going out in the showers, we are lucky to have the Green for Forest School and other activities.


Outdoor learning (session 1) Thursday 24th September 2020


Today, Class 1 helped Hattie the Hedgehog to build a hedgehog hotel to hibernate in over the autumn and winter seasons. Hattie left us a letter hidden in the woods with our instructions! We used fallen leaves, sticks, rocks and mud to make a cosy space for Hattie; we even provided food for her from the crab apple tree. Then we read a story about Hattie called ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’ in the shelter outside.


Week 3

Since returning to school we have been really busy, settling into class and getting to know each other.  We have been learning a lot about Autumn, how the leaves change colour, collecting conkers from our beautiful horse chestnut tree in the Green and picking up leaves that have fallen and drawing them. 


Our Science topic this term is Animals and Humans.  A lot of the children didn't realise they are animals!  We had a fun discussion about that...


Please remember that Wednesday is PE day and the children will need their kits just for this session then they can go home - thank you.

Welcome to Class 1 (Little Acorns)


This Autumn term, our topic is 'ourselves and heroes'. In Literacy, we will be studying stories about people who have supported us (heroes).  We will be writing our own stories, whilst focusing on letter recognition and formation across the year groups. We will also be working on non-fiction writing - recounts, non-chronological reports.


Phonic programme - we are currently using the new read writing inc programme (information about the programme is available on the website).  Phonics is carried out each day for half an hour. 


In Maths this term, we are focusing on number recognition formation, place value and addition and subtraction.  In our afternoon sessions, we will be exploring humans, looking into our family histories and creating lots of Autumn artwork! 


PE is Wednesday morning, please bring kit in for the children to get changed.


Thank you for your continued support with the children's learning at home - please keep up reading every day. The children have a homework book that will be brought home every Friday. Your child needs to pick ONE piece of work from the grid to hand in each Thursday. 
If you would like to come and have a talk to me about what is happening in class, you are more than welcome, or email me -
Thank you for your support,
Michelle Marsh (Jones)

The Celtic Cross